2013 Rapid Resolution Jumpstart

‘2013 Rapid Resolution Jumpstart’ Starts: Wednesday, January 2nd

Welcome to the ‘2013 Rapid Resolution Jumpstart’.

A fun and easy way to turn on your body’s fat burning signals
and speed up your metabolism
with me and other amazing
women as your support.

I will be showing you how easy it is to make small changes
gradually to get RAPID RESULTS!

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A bit about the community:

If you have any questions or need help, support or motivation along the way… I am here!

Leave comments on the ‘Every Girls Guide To Health’ Facebook Page and I’ll answer them… and make sure you make some incredible friends in the community.

How It Works:

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Every day for 12 days we are going to make 1 easy swap… we can all swap 1 thing a day!

Each day we are going to swap one fat storing ‘thing’ with a fat burning ‘thing’… and keep that swap for the rest of the time.

So you will do the 1st day swap every day from days 1 to 12 and the 2nd day swap from days 2 to 12… and so on and so on.

Don’t worry we’re not going bootcamp here… we’re just changing a few simple things that will have a major impact.

I am all about the ‘Reverse Diet’…

What the???

Fat LossIt’s a term I coined on how to succeed on a “diet”. What I mean is long term success has more probability if you start with one block and then add as your mind and body gets stronger… start hardcore with detoxes and 20 rules and restrictions and you set yourself up for failure!

Leave the ‘all or nothing’ mindset behind because it doesn’t work… but this will!

On Wednesday, 2nd January the ‘2013 Rapid Resolution Jumpstart’ begins SO make sure you have your friends on board for some fun and support!

On Tuesday 1st you will receive a SWAP on your Facebook Newsfeed with a link to all the details… If you don’t see it on your Newsfeed then go to:

THEN Every EVENING you will receive the following day’s swap so you have time to organize anything for the following day.

Updates will be posted on:

The EveryGirlsGuideToHealth Facebook Page

Jan 2nd the ‘2013 Rapid Resolution Jumpstart’ begins SO make sure you have your friends on board for some fun and support! The best way is to send this message out to your friends to get them on board!

  • Copy this:
    Hey I’m doing the ‘2013 Rapid Resolution Jumpstart’ starting Jan 2nd! It’ll be fun… and we’ll lose some pounds. Join me: http://www.facebook.com/everygirlsguidetohealth
    Write your own message and just copy the link in:  http://www.facebook.com/everygirlsguidetohealth
  • Go to your Facebook Wall and Paste… DONE!

See you on Jan 1st for our first Fat Loss Swap!







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