12 Days Of Fat Loss Swaps – Day 11

You Cannot Burn Fat Without This Swap!

If you do all of the swaps in the ’12 Days Of Fat Loss Swaps’ but don’t do this one… then you can kiss fat loss goodbye!

You will always have a flabby belly and it will keep growing because the hormones create a nasty ‘Belly Fat Storing Cycle’ that stop you burning fat… and make you create and store fat.

This is a non-negotiable swap if you are serious about losing fat.

Although I have left this until late in the system… I hope you continue it for life!

So here is Day 11. You will do this swap every day for the next 2 days…

Day 11 Swap:

150 grams Sugar Daily
30 grams Sugar Daily

How Will This Help Me Burn Fat?

Removal because:

  • Our bodies are only designed to process around 15 grams of sugar a day… the average American has about 150 grams of sugar a day – 10 times the amount and all of this additional sugar gets stored as fat!
  • Sugar creates insulin and your body will NEVER burn fat while there is insulin in your bloodstream
  • All carbohydrates turn to sugar (glucose) in our bloodstream and produce insulin. Some carbohydrates have more sugar AND turn to sugar quicker and create insulin spikes and crashes. It’s the swings of insulin that create havoc on our fat burning system.
  • Insulin sends excess glucose (sugar in our bloodstream) to be stored as fat
  • A constant overproduction of insulin can create insulin resistance. Insulin resistance means your cells start to ignore the insulin so you have too much glucose AND too much insulin in your bloodstream… a precursor to Type 2 diabetes AND a nasty belly fat storer.
  • High insulin level swings also leads to uncontrollable appetite, usually for more sugary or fatty foods.
  • Sugar not only rots your teeth but has the same effect on your brain. Once you eliminate sugar you will not only feel amazing but you will start to think clearly
  • We use sugar as a pick-me-up but it actually makes us more tired after the insulin crash and dependent on MORE sugar to keep going.
  • The Insulin / Cortisol Fat Storing Cycle – The more fat we have, the more Insulin AND Cortisol that gets produced. The more Insulin we have, the more Cortisol that gets produced. The more Cortisol we have, the more Insulin that gets produced. The more Cortisol and Insulin we have, the more Fat that get’s stored… especially around the belly.
  • Sugar is completely deficient in vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants or anything good for us actually… it is a waste of (VERY HIGH) calories.
  • ‘Sugar free’ diet drinks and foods containing artificial sweeteners also trigger a similar insulin effect on the body… as well as being linked to cancer, brain cell degeneration amongst other nasty illnesses. ‘Sugar free’ is by NO means considered the ‘healthy’ option if it contains artificial sweeteners.

There is no inclusion… just reduction on this one!

The Details

The Swap Replace With
High sugar foods

High GI carbohydrates

Any ingredients ending with ‘ose’
(Sucrose, fructose etc.)

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Artificial Sweeteners:
Saccharin – Brand names: Sweet and Low, Sweet ‘N Low, Sweet Twin and Necta Sweet,
Aspartame – Brand names: Equal and Nutrasweet
Sucralose – Brand name is Splenda
Acesulfame k, acesulfame potassium, AceK – Brand name Sunnett, Sweet One
Neotame – No Brand Names yet

Low sugar foods

Low GI carbohydrates

Stevia and Stevia sweetened products

Meals UNDER 7 grams per meal

How Do I Know How Much Sugar Is In Something?

Basically anything that is a carbohydrate (fruit, vegetables, grains, legumes) has sugar in it.

Protein (red meat, fish, seafood, poultry etc) has minimal if any sugar BUT dairy products are HIGH in sugar due to the ‘lactose’ in them

Packaged Foods
To find out the amount of sugar in packaged foods just look at the ‘Nutrition Label’ on the packaging. Ignore all of the percentages and just focus on how many grams PER SERVE.

Natural Foods
To find out the sugar content in natural carbohydrates ie fruits and vegetables, I have created a document you can download that has the sugar content of the main vegetables and fruits.

Click here to download >> ‘Sugar Content – Fruits & Vegetables.pdf’

High GI v Low GI
I have also included a list of High GI and Low GI Foods to help you make better choices.

Click here to download >> ‘Low GI v High GI.pdf’


There are also 2 fantastic sites that have all of the information you will need on sugar and the GI of foods:

  • Sugar Content Foods: To find the sugar content of almost ANY food, including many restaurants and fast food chains:
  • GI Of Food: To check if a food is Low GI or High GI

A Word Of Caution

All of this points towards carbohydrates being BAD… but that is NOT TRUE!

GOOD carbohydrates give us energy and contain most of the antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phytochemicals that our body needs to function, grow, renew, restore, give health and vitality to.

The point is to choose the highest quality, nutrient-dense carbohydrates with a low GI score and low in sugar.

Here is a sheet that will help you track your daily sugar intake.

Click here to download >> ‘Daily Sugar Journal.pdf


“Skinny Jeans” Swap

For those who want to take it to the next level:

10 grams sugar from fat burning sources daily plus 10 grams sugar from fat burning fruit

This is a big swap but with so many great replacement products available it’s actually made pretty easy.

REMEMBER: You only have to find the replacement ONCE… and then you have the fat burning benefits for life! SO the extra effort at the start is definitely worth it.

See you tomorrow for the final day… Day 12!

Who’s doing “Skinny Jeans”?… let me know on the Facebook Page!!!
Any questions?…ask on the Facebook Page!!!



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