12 Days Of Fat Loss Swaps – Day 2

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Discover How Sleep Helps You Burn Fat… Yes REALLY!

Ok Let’s get straight into it today!

I hope you had at least 1.5 liters of water today with lemon… you will do this every day for the 12 days. You will find after a few days that the more water you drink the thirstier you will be throughout the day.

Here is Day 2. You will do this swap every day for the next 11 days…

Day 2 Swap:

1 Hour TV 1 Hour Sleep

How Will This Help Me Burn Fat?

Removal because:

  • It keeps you up longer than you need to be!
  • TV right before bed stops you from producing melatonin which your body needs so you can sleep to burn fat!

Inclusion because:

  • Sleep is vital in producing 2 key fat burning hormones… Growth Hormone and Leptin, but it has to be the right type of sleep!
  • In the natural sleep / wake cycle our body’s physical repair is from 10pm to 2am and Psychological Repair from 2am to 6am. If you fall alseep after 10pm you are not allowing your body to produce all the fat burning repairing hormones
  • The longer you stay up at night with bright lights and tv the more Cortisol you’ll have in your blood… and Cortisol is a nasty belly fat storing hormone we want to decrease.
  • If you haven’t had enough sleep your body craves sugar and stimulants, not only lowering your willpower but also increasing Cortisol (yes that belly fat storing hormone again!)

Going to bed by 10pm and getting a full 8 hours sleep will help you lose weight, set up your body for long term weight loss, give you more energy and help you feel refreshed. Having 8 hours but falling asleep after 10pm will not have the same positive effects. Growth Hormone which is produced the most during sleep is a wonder hormone commonly referred to as the ‘Natural Fountain Of Youth’! So sleep will help you look younger for longer… much better than all of those expensive cremes!

Tips On Getting To Sleep 

If you are a night owl and don’t think it’s possible to get to sleep early here are some tips:

  • No stimulants after 3pm (Sugar or Caffeine)
  • Dim the lights at least an hour before bed. Light makes our bodies think it’s morning and produce Cortisol in preparation for the day. We need Melatonin to sleep but it won’t produce until Cortisol has decreased… and this can take a couple of hours once the light goes down.
  • Turn off the tv, games or computers an hour before bed… read instead
  • Have a cup of Chamomile tea just before you go to bed
  • Don’t watch tv in bed
  • Create a bedtime ritual
  • For hardcore night owls bring your sleep time forward by 30 minutes every 3 days until you get to 10pm
  • NEW FIND: If you have an iPhone there is an app called ‘SleepStream 2’ – Use one of the ‘Sleep’ Bin Beats with an ‘Main’ sound that you like (waves, rain, forest). I bought the 20 min Pre-sleep meditation overlay and use it with ‘Deep Sleep’ Bin. Beats. I turn it off BEFORE I fall asleep so I don’t get woken up later twisted in earphones!

I used to be an insomniac and I had to ‘teach’ myself how to sleep… just like you teach a baby. I had a certain nighttime routine that would tell my mind and body that it was sleep time, and after a while it worked. With my son, who was a terrible sleeper as a baby (but now he’s great!) we had to create a routine for EVERY bedtime so his mind started to know ‘Oh this is sleep time’… and as soon as we put on the music box that played ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ he would start yawning. He’s 2 and we still use the same routine!

“Skinny Jeans” Swap

For those who want to take it to the next level:
In bed by 10pm

Who’s doing “Skinny Jeans”?… let me know on the Facebook Page!!!

Any questions?…ask on the Facebook Page!!!


Another easy one… but don’t dismiss this, sleep is essential to weight loss.

Tomorrow we take it up a level. Enjoy your fat burning sleep! I’ll see you tomorrow for Day 3!




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