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How good are you starting to feel? And we’re not even half way there. Drinking water and sleeping should be much easier now and definitely paying off.

Today we are going to minimize the devastating effects of drinking alcohol. “You horrible party pooper” I hear you all say… don’t worry I’m not cutting you off completely… unless you choose to do that yourself 🙂

So here is Day 5. You will do this swap every day for the next 8 days…

Day 5 Swap:

Alcohol Smaller Parts Alcohol

How Will This Help Me Burn Fat?

Removal because:

  • Alcohol is really high in calories and all of those extra calories have to go somewhere right?
  • Alcohol is a MAJOR Negative Hormone Food. It increases the fat storing hormones like estrogen, cortisol and ghrelin and reduces the fat burning hormones like testosterone plus it effects the liver which is our metabolism powerhouse.
  • Wine and mixed drinks are not only high in calories but also high in sugar content… increasing insulin
  • It makes you eat more! No only because your inhibitions are down but physically because your insulin levels rise and then crash you are left with low blood sugar craving food like a ravenous bear… usually high sugar, high fat foods.
  • Hangovers make you eat high fat, high sugar foods the following day on a slow metabolism.. this is fat storing at it’s finest.
  • When you drink before or during meals it stops certain vitamins and minerals from being absorbed… vitamins and minerals you need to balance your hormones and burn fat.

Inclusion because:

  • The smaller the amount of alcohol you drink, the less you are going to impact the negative affects from the ‘Removal list’

The Details

The Swap Replace With
Mixed drinks
Spritz – An inch (or less) of wine with Mineral Water or Soda Water with ice
Spirits in a tall glass with mineral water/soda and lemon
Low Carb Light beer
MUST: A tall water between EVERY alcoholic drink


Most of us don’t feel like we can be out or have a good time if we don’t drink… but you’re still drinking, just smaller amounts of alcohol so it lessens the impact.

Confession: I was a HUGE wine drinker… ask anyone who knows me! But since doing the ‘Food Addiction Cure’ I no longer drink. Even when I’m out 1 – 2 spritz is plenty for me… VERY bizarre but I’m happy on mineral water and lemon! Occasionally I might have a glass of red wine (because it’s winter in Australia at the moment) but 1 glass will give me a little hangover… where beforehand 1 bottle was a hangover!

It can be done.

Tips To Low Alcohol Socializing

  • Most of the time it’s not actually the alcohol… it’s the associations like having a glass in your hand or having something with flavor… know what your associations are and have a replacement for them.
  • Drink out of the glasses you would use if you were drinking alcohol. Even now I drink Mineral water and lemon at night out of my favorite wine glass.
  • Before you go to an event, list 3 fun reasons in your head why you are going there. When you start craving alcohol remind yourself it’s not about the alcohol it’s about these three reasons and focus on them.
  • Offer to be the designated driver so you are forced to drink less
  • Don’t tell others what you’re doing. They will try to get you to drink, sometimes so they feel more comfortable or because they want you to have fun… and alcohol is defined as ‘fun’. Just buy you’re own drinks (you will be spending A LOT less) and have fun!

“Skinny Jeans” Swap

For those who want to take it to the next level:

You know what I’m going to say… but good on you for reading anyway! Yes, try for no alcohol. Mineral water and lemon in a wine glass 🙂

Have a fantastic night. I’ll see you tomorrow for Day 6!

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