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An Endless List Of Fat Burning Reasons Why You MUST Add This!

Hope you swapped some sleep and did some fat burning exercise this morning!

We all associate vegetables with diets because of the low calories. In fact, eating a range of colorful vegetables does so much fat burning goodness that it’s a fat loss MUST.

Not only do they contain essential vitamins and minerals our hormones need to head in the fat burning direction but vegetables are full of fiber. Fiber is a KEY element in weight loss and vegetables have it as well as mostly being low GI to balance our insulin and mostly low in calories.

If you are screwing up your face right now I have some fantastic tips on sneaking in veggies even if you don’t like them.

So here is Day 7. You will do this swap every day for the next 6 days…

Day 7 Swap:

Dinner Side
2 Cups Colorful Vegetables at Dinner

How Will This Help Me Burn Fat?

Inclusion because:

  • High in fiber so they fill you up, keep you full longer, help your bowels move, help reduce Ghrelin (the nasty hunger hormone) and trigger Leptin (the ‘I’m Full’ hormone).
  • Fiber also reduces Estrogen and reduces Cortisol
  • There are many different phytochemicals (antioxidant plant chemicals) that positively affect our metabolic hormones. By eating a wide range of colorful vegetables daily you are ensuring you are getting most of these. If I was to list the benefits of each vegetable… we could be here a very long time!

The Details

The Swap Replace With
High GI Vegetables
High GI Carbohydrates
Fried Foods
Packaged Foods
Red Vegetables
-Red Peppers
-Beets (in moderation as they are High GI)

Yellow Vegetables
-Yellow Peppers
-Sweet Corn
-Sweet Potatoes
-Pumpkin & Squash (in moderation as they are High GI)

Green vegetables
-Brussels Sprouts
-Chinese Cabbage
-Green Beans
-Leafy Greens
-Green Peppers
-Snow Peas

Purple Vegetables
-Black Olives
-Purple Cabbage
-Purple Carrots
-Purple Peppers

White & Tan Vegetables
-Parsnips (in moderation as they are High GI)
-Potatoes (in moderation)

Ewwww… But I don’t like vegetable!

I am definitely a lucky one because I LOVE vegetables… especially green! I know some people who do not eat vegetables AT ALL, besides chips if you consider that a vegetable.

This idea comes from the book ‘Deceptively Delicious’ by Jessica Seinfeld. It is actually written for Mom’s who are concerned with their children not eating vegetables. Basically it is just adding pureed vegetables into your normal meals.


  • Pureed spinach, carrot (anything!) into a bolognese sauce or lasagne
  • Any pureed veggies into Chilli’s, Curry’s, Casseroles and stews, Hotpots etc

For more great ideas for a more long term plan, even hiding vegetables in sweets like Chocolate cake, donuts and Cookies check out this book >> Click Here For ‘Deceptively Delicious’.
NOTE: It’s not a diet book, so it still has high sugar content in foods but Jessica is pretty sugar conscious as these are really kids recipes SO if you are going to eat chocolate cake then you may as well get some fat burning veggies in there. I have the book and can highly recommend the Chocolate cake, chocolate chips cookies, blueberry oatmeal bars and oatmeal raisin cookies (amongst others 🙂 )

“Skinny Jeans” Swap

For those who want to take it to the next level:

Eat as many raw vegetables as you can and use garlic, ginger, herbs, lemon and chilli to flavor instead of sauces.

Ok so I need to hear some results??

See you tomorrow for Day 8!

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