The Ultimate Fat Burning Program

If you follow this program I can almost guarantee that fat will MELT off you and your body will shrink and change shape quicker than you can possibly imagine.

This is the program I now follow. Part of it is essential to stick to. The other part you can design your own, within the guidelines if you want.

There are 2 parts to this program:

  1. High Intensity Interval Training – Specifically Sprint 8 Style
  2. Strength Training

High Intensity Interval Training

There are 2 books integral to my knowledge on this unique and ultra effective approach to High Intensity Interval Training:

Each book’s approach is different. ‘Ready, Set, Go!’ is mainly cardio based and ‘Body By Science’ is purely weight lifting based… but the broad science behind each is pretty much the same.

This will get a bit technical but without the knowledge you will not get the fat burning workout… because 6-10 seconds is critical!

The essential part to the success of this training is the use of the rarely used fast-twitch muscle fiber and super-fast-twitch muscle fiber which are essential to trigger Human Growth Hormone… the magic fat-burning and fountain-of-youth hormone.

We have 3 types of muscle fibers that make up our muscle:

  1. Slow – NOT FAT BURNING – Does not produce Human Growth Hormone
  2. Fast – FAT BURNING – Produces Human Growth Hormone
  3. Super Fast – SUPER FAT BURNING – Produces Human Growth Hormone

Most of our daily activity and exercise programs only work the Slow-twitch muscle fiber, which is why someone can go to the gym 4-5 times a week and not see any change in their body shape. Jogging, swimming, bike riding, most weight lifting workouts, low intensity classes, and constant exercise level workouts only work the slow twitch muscle fibers.

To get to use the Super fast-twitch muscle fiber your body has to go through slow to fast to super-fast in a VERY short period. The Super Fast will only kick in right at the very end as you completely fatigue the muscle. 6 seconds of super fast muscle fatigue is more effective than 10 minutes of slow-twitch exercises.

I want you to completely understand that it is when your muscles are failing and you think you can’t go on that this technique is melting fat.

Why do I want you to understand that? So when you are doing this you can push through those last 10 seconds when normally you would give up because you know that that is when you are melting your fat away.

And I will be completely upfront… this is not an easy workout, it is hard, but your will grow mentally, in strength and fitness BUT shrink in size quicker than any other program out there.

And it is only 25 minutes… including warm up, cool down and stretching… and only 4 minutes of high intensity!

The High Intensity Interval Training Workout

This workout is based on the Sprint 8 workout from ‘Ready, Set, Go’.

What you need:

  • Stationary Bike
  • Stationary Recumbent Bike
  • Hill
  • Other Options:
    • Cross Trainer
    • Treadmill (limited as the speed controls you)
    • A Stretch of uninterrupted track (Road, Sidewalk, Running Track etc)

How It Works:

  • Warm up for 2-4 minutes
  • Stretch (especially hamstring, calves, quads and butt)
  • Interval Training – Repeat this 8 times (16 minutes in total)
    • 30 seconds – Go AS HARD as you can. The last 10 seconds are ESSENTIAL
      Choose a resistance level that stops you bouncing and build up
    • 1 minute 30 seconds – Recover – lightly pedal, walk, walk down hill etc
  • Cool down for 2-4 minutes
  • Stretch


This is an extremely intense and physically demanding workout. If you have never worked out in this way you need to build up to it. Build up to it over a month by going at 50% of your maximum (this could be just walking, faster pedaling, light jog) until you build a level of fitness and conditioning.

Then add intensity, resistance and power… and get to flat out, hard as you can.

It is essential that you have a physical check up with your doctor to ensure your body, especially your heart can take the demands of this workout.

Strength Training

The same concept for muscle fibers can be incorporated into your strength training but the use of the right machines is pretty important so muscles can be isolated and correct form kept to avoid injury.

I personally don’t do the ‘strict’ weight training as designed in ‘Body By Science’… it’s a bit too hardcore for me but I do keep the general concept of high intensity interval training. I also mix up my strength training and it depends on when I can workout as to what I do, so I will give you a few options.

Strength training is essential to a fitness program as it is the form of training that builds muscle to increase your metabolism and increase bone strength.

Just always choose workouts that focus on building muscle.

Here are some options to choose from:

Plyometric Training – this combines both muscle building and cardio

  • BONUS – 20 Minute No Gym Fat Burning Workout
    This is a Bonus from ‘The No Willpower Fat Loss Cure’ but I have included it here to make sure you have no excuses and can start straight away!

Free weight workout – at gym or at home

Machine weights at gym. Suggested workouts:

Gym Class – Les Mills ‘BodyPump’ or similar using weights or hand weights


  • Take a local class – Mat pilates or Machine pilates classes
  • Pilates DVD – Unfortunately I haven’t found any I like so I don’t have any recommendations


  • Take a local class
  • DVD – Bob Harper – Yoga For The Warrior (Love this one!!) Strength x Yoga
  • DVD – Jillian – Yoga Meltdown (Not traditional yoga. ‘Jillian-style’ yoga in a strength workout but only 30 minutes so great for quick yoga in the morning)
  • DVD – Geri Body Yoga – The workout is great and the instructor, Katy Appleton, is fantastic… if you can put up with Geri & her comments!

Home DVD’s

I like going to the gym to do strength, except for the Yoga dvd’s I do at home in the morning, but I do have a few strength based ones that I can recommend:

The Training Schedule

Train 4-5 times per week

  • 2-3 High Intensity Interval Sprint Training
  • 2-3 Strength Training

Have a rest after every 2-3 days of training

Example Training Schedule:

This is mine as an example. It’s what I AIM for weekly… with a 2 year old, working and a business it doesn’t always happen but this is the plan.

I could be doing a more weight based workouts but I love Yoga and these yoga dvd’s have the combo of Yoga and body weight strength training. I am more likely to do this and stick to it because I love it. In a month I may get bored with the same dvd’s so I may end up at the gym to do a bit more strength training… then back to Yoga when I get tired of that!

  • Monday – 6am – Yoga (Bob Harper – Yoga For The Warrior)
  • Tuesday – 6am – Yoga (Just first 20 mins of Geri Body Yoga)
    9.30 – Gym >> High Intensity Interval Sprint Training +
    20 min upper body strength routine
  • Wednesday – Rest
  • Thursday – 6.30am – Gym >> High Intensity Interval Sprint Training
  • Friday – 6am – Gym >> Strength
  • Saturday – Own choice
  • Sunday – Rest

TIP: There are SO many different types of workout options available, just find something you like and aim for that.



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