Sprint-8 For Destroying Stubborn Fat

Sprint-8 For Destroying Stubborn Fat

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SERIES – Workouts That Force Your Body To Melt Fat

PART 1 – Sprint-8 For Destroying Stubborn Fat (You Are Here)
PART 2 – The Ultimate Fat Melting Workouts

As much as I hate it, I also LOVE Sprint-8!

It’s a technique created by Phil Campbell. It goes a little against the normal advice these days for HIIT in that there is only a 30 second all out sprint and then a 1 min 30 recovery.

Sounds easy right??? (Well keep reading and WATCH the video’s below)

Most trainers will tell you to have a shorter rest period than your sprint period to increase your fitness and melt fat, and yes HIIT works and it is great… but Sprint-8, for those of you crazy enough to use it, is killer for melting fat and triggering a powerful fat melting and ‘fountain of youth’ hormone called ‘Human Growth Hormone’.

I have a love / hate relationship with Sprint-8, so does my super fit sister and my husband… you hate it at the time (I mean REALLY HATE IT) but you will LOVE the results and LOVE the feeling you get after recovering from your session.

It’s a program that you can never get used to, because your max is always your max… there’s no getting around it whether you are starting out and your max is at a 3 resistance and lower rpm’s or you are super fit and your max is at a 8-9 resistance with a high rpm.

So What Is This
Fat Destroying Workout?

I will give you the basics and then let you watch the man himself, Phil Campbell, explain it to Dr. Mercola and then let you watch Dr. Mercola go through a full training session.

Sprint-8 is all about triggering the super-fast twitch muscle fibers which are VERY RARELY used unless you do a workout designed to use them.

As you are triggering the Super-Fast muscle fibers, which only happen when you completely fatigue a muscle (and every other part of your being!) you send your body into oxygen deficit. By doing these things it triggers the amazing Human Growth Hormone.

Human Growth Hormone is a really tricky hormone to trigger and very temperamental but it is very powerful and integral for telling your body to use the fat in your cells for energy… and that means melting your layers of fat away.

It is also an important hormone for building muscle and muscle uses more energy just to keep in the body which means you naturally burn more daily calories just by having it.

Keen to give it a go now?

The Sprint-8 Workout

  • Warm up for 2-4 minutes
  • Stretch (especially hamstring, calves, quads and butt)
  • Interval Training – Repeat this 8 times (16 minutes in total)
    • 30 seconds – Go AS HARD as you can. The last 10 seconds are ESSENTIAL
      Choose a resistance level that stops you bouncing and build up as you get fitter and stronger
    • 1 minute 30 seconds – Recover – lightly pedal, walk, walk down hill etc
  • Cool down for 2-4 minutes
  • Stretch

Ok so check out Phil Campbell Explain Sprint-8 to Dr. Mercola (though Dr. Mercola has slightly modified it and calls it Peak-8).


The Basics

Watch A Workout!

And this is Dr. Mercola going through a Sprint-8 Workout.
Don’t get caught up on all of the talk about the machine, any stationary exercise bike or recumbent bike is perfect.

Pretty cool huh!

Ready to give it a go??

What You’ll Need

The only restriction with Sprint-8 is the equipment. You really need a stationary exercise bike, recumbent bike… or for the freakishly fit, a long hill you can run up for 30 seconds.

A stationary bike, in my opinion, is the safest way to do Sprint-8 and the most effective.

I have tried a treadmill but the speed controls you and towards the end, when your muscles are fatiguing, I find it’s a bit dangerous if you are on a really fast speed and have an incline.

Running on a long stretch is an option if you don’t have a bike, but again, it’s really hard to get to the muscle fatigue stage I found unless you are fit enough to sprint up a long stretch of hill for 30 seconds.

SO you’ll need:

  • Stationary Exercise Bike
  • Recumbent Exercise Bike
  • WATER!
  • A towel… because you will SWEAT 🙂

How YOU Can Use It

One thing you need to think is BALANCE. YES this is super effective but it’s not the only type of exercise you should do.

For a Training Schedule that melts fat AND builds muscle check out part 2 of this series The Ultimate Fat Melting Workouts.


Did you know you cannot trigger HGH just by reading this and watching videos?

I know…how annoying!

Yes you have to actually DO IT. So let’s make it happen.


Grab your Calendar or Diary and schedule in your first Sprint-8 workout. (24 minutes + warm down stretch, set up & travel time)


Read Part 2 The Ultimate Fat Melting Workouts so you have a complete Fat Blasting Training Schedule


You may need to research a gym that you can join or pay a casual rate just to see if it’s something you will do



SERIES – Workouts That Force Your Body To Melt Fat

Check out Part 2 >>  The Ultimate Fat Melting Workouts

Need a fat melting eating plan and MORE workouts to help you reach your ultimate body?  Fat Melting Metabolism is a lifestyle plan that will get you skinny, and keep you skinny whilst giving you vibrant health and energy. Start achieving your best body now!

Shannon Cole

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