Motivation For Weight Loss

Motivation For Weight Loss

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Motivation For Weight Loss – How To Turn On Permanent Motivation For Weight Loss… Instantly!

When we plan on losing 20 pounds we start with high motivation for weight loss and look for the newest diet or the diet of our favorite celebrity… but it’s never really the diet that is the problem, it’s our internal motivation that stops us from staying on the diet and that is separate to the actual diet.

When we ‘fail’ on a diet, we blame the diet… “It was too hard”, “It was too restrictive”  or we just label ourselves as “weak”, “lazy” or “a loser” but do we ever ask ourselves:

To focus on the internal motivation for weight loss is the only way to succeed in the short and the long term.

One of the most powerful things I’ve learned in my quest to discover why most of us can’t stick to diets is actually how we are motivated as humans.

Our fundamental motivation for weight loss comes from trying to avoid pain or trying to gain pleasure at a specific moment in time… it is that simple and yet the answer is that powerful. Master your pain and pleasure associations and you can basically achieve any goal you set in life.

How does motivation
work for weight loss?

To understand this in the context of a diet here is an example…

We start with this incredible motivation for weight loss to move away from the pain of feeling bad about ourselves, the fear of obesity related illnesses and the pain of not achieving our goals because of our weight BUT the moment we go on a diet and our favorite food is taken away from us and we want it SO baldy; the level of our CURRENT pain of loss & deprivation FAR outweighs the level of pain about our insecurity and goals in the future… SO WE ARE HIGHLY MOTIVATED TO EAT!

After we break the diet, the pain of disappointment and guilt kicks in and makes us feel bad and the cycle starts again.

Ever had this negative motivation cycle happen to you?

There is a way to break it!

All we have to do is change our associations so that the PAIN is associated with EATING the food.

Motivation For
Weight Loss Technique

Do the following motivation for weight loss exercise and read it every morning before you get out of bed.

To change your motivation you need to list the key foods you are basically ‘addicted’ to.

Then we need to change these foods from the association of HIGH PLEASURE to HIGH PAIN. So write down 20 or more painful and emotional reasons why these foods are destroying your life. I know that is a very dramatic way to phrase that, but the more pain and emotion you can attach to this and the more you believe they are destroying your life the more successful you will be at switching the association to PAIN.

If this all sounds too easy and changing your motivation for weight loss can’t be that instant… think about how quickly people develop phobias from dogs from one quick incident.

People develop phobias quickly by changing an association in their brain with a high level of emotion… and that’s the key HIGH LEVEL OF EMOTION.

After you complete the exercise choose the most powerful motivating reason you wrote down and create a mental picture of it. Every time you think of, smell, go near, see any of your list of foods, close your eyes and visualize this image and feel all of the pain associated with that picture.

Do this a few times and you will be permanently programmed against these foods and you will have created permanent motivation for weight loss.

If you have trouble motivating yourself to get to the gym… even though you know you really need to go then you will love the video I made for you ‘How To LOVE Exercise‘… it has some great motivation techniques in it.

Shannon Cole

No more diets!!! I am here to help women get off the depressing diet roller coaster but still get in the best shape and health of their lives. I want YOU to uncover your self love, happiness and a sustainable healthy lifestyle you love. I know it because I live it and now I help other women with the things that REALLY work.

2 Responses to Motivation For Weight Loss

  1. Can someone answer me, what if the problem is not a favorite food that ruins the diet every time, but the quantity.Every time I start my diet, it goes great for about three weeks:I exercise and eat healthy, small portions then suddenly I feel this powerful desire to eat more,I can’t resist it so I eat bigger meals and I just can’t there any technique to overcome it?

    • Hi Yvonn… this is SO common, actually it’s pretty much standard! What happens when you start a diet is you are motivated by the pain of being overweight, and this pain is awesome motivation. Actually avoiding pain is the most powerful type of motivation, the other way you are motivated is moving towards pleasure. What happens is that after a few weeks when you start to lose some weight and start feeling good, that strong pain goes away… and so does your motivation to stay on a diet. Initially you may still be strong enough to not eat your favorite foods, but that “hunger”, that void, needs to be filled somehow so you will eat more instead.
      It’s important to set what I call ‘Magnet Goals’ at the beginning. Goals that you are automatically drawn towards that are as strong and emotional as the pain that initially motivated you so when the pain wears off you still have a strong motivating force.
      It’s also important to balance your hormones so that you stop cravings and get the hunger hormone Ghrelin under control. One quick tip is to eat a salad (high water content foods) 20 minutes before your meal. This will reduce ghrelin and let you get the “I’m full” signal during your meal.
      Also eat smaller meals more regularly so you never get hungry and this will control your blood sugar.
      The important thing to understand is that it is a combination of your body (balancing your hormones), psychology (motivation and mindset) and your physical brain (having a healthy brain & getting the reward cycle working) NOT just finding a diet and trying to use willpower.
      Hope this helps!



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