Healthy Way To Lose Weight

Healthy Way To Lose Weight

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Healthy Way To Lose Weight – The Ultimate Plan

This complete plan for a healthy way to lose weight will result in permanent weight loss by changing your habits and lifestyle over time but maximizing fat loss.

What is Healthy
Weight Loss?

Eating a diet designed to work with your body by balancing your hormones, supplying a steady flow of energy and naturally speeding up your metabolism while creating some healthy habits in exercise and sleep is the best and healthiest way to lose weight.

Why The Healthy Way To Lose Weight Is The Only Way To Permanent Weight Loss

Fast weight loss diets are great for fast weight loss but they are also fantastic for quicker weight gain! Cut calories too far, eat a restricted calorie diet full of sugar, processed foods and artificial sweeteners and you are telling your body to store fat when you eat normally again.

On the other hand if you eat a balanced, healthy diet of natural whole foods and change your habits over time you are moving your body from the fat storing cycle to the fat burning cycle.

Healthy Habits Are Created A Few At A Time

A healthy lifestyle is not something that is created overnight… it is developed over time.

Start with the a few of the ‘high value’ changes that you know you can stick to and after 21 days they will almost be a habit that you are drawn to do.

Then add 2-3 more healthy habits and master those… 21 days later add 2-3 more.

Look to the future and see the lifestyle you want and over time develop the skills and habits that work towards that lifestyle.

The more you try and change at one time the less likely you are at achieving long term success… and the more you punish yourself for ‘failing’ every time you slip up, the more likely you will fail.

Healthy means having a healthy attitude, a healthy mind and healthy habits… all of which are skills that you will develop.

The Healthy Way
To Lose Weight Diet

Follow these simple guidelines for a long term successful health plan.

  • Drink plenty of water – 1 litre for every 55lb / 25 kg.
  • It sounds so simple but it works. Have a 1‐1.5 litre bottle with you all day and just sip it. Room temperature water is better than cold water. After a few days you will find that you are thirsty and need to drink as your body gets used to it. Tip: Try and drink more early in the day & afternoon than night so you don’t get up overnight to go to the bathroom!
  • Eat 5-6 smaller meals a day – This boosts your metabolism and gives your body enough food for it to burn without overloading it and allowing it to slow down and store additional energy as fat.Aim to eat every 3 hours but much smaller portions. Have breakfast, lunch and dinner with 2-3 snacks throughout the day.
  • Most of us require about 1400-1800 calories to lose weight so break up your meals into about 250-300 calorie portions. Remember you only have to do this once so put in the effort to begin with.
  • Of your daily calories you need to make sure they are made up of slow burning (Low GI), high quality foods that boost your metabolism.
  • You must have protein at every meals. Lean protein such as fish, grilled chicken, lean meat, turkey, egg whites, nuts are all great sources. Protein not only helps your metabolism and helps your body to recover but it also helps build muscle and in turn muscle speeds up your metabolism. It also helps you to feel full for longer.
  • Eat heaps of fat burning vegetables – salads, grilled or steamed vegetables.
  • Avoid High GI fruits and vegetables. Focus on the highest nutrient vegetables like dark green leafy vegetables and include a rainbow of colors to ensure you’re getting a wide range of antioxidants and vitamins.
  • Include as many of these fat burning foods: apples, lemons, grapefruit, limes, cinnamon, garlic, chilli, ginger, onions
  • Only eat wholegrain (not wholemeal) foods into your diet. Personally I would avoid bread altogether but if you have to eat bread then it must be wholegrain.
  • Cut out: Alcohol, Sugar, Sugary drinks and fruit juices, High GI foods – white rice, pasta, white bread, processed foods, anything that has ‘ose’ in the ingredients (fructose, sucrose etc.)
  • EXERCISE!!!! – Sorry guys but if you want to lose weight fast then you will lose so much more by only adding a little. Start with walking for 30 minutes 4 times a week. Allocate the time and always stick to it. Add in some strength workouts to build muscle as it is muscle that burns additional calories and speeds up your metabolism.

Now before you say… “there’s nothing new there”, ask yourself “Have I actually tried this?”.

This is not a fad diet, this is a natural way to lose weight with a healthy balanced diet that will get you results if you commit to building healthy habits over time… and that is the key, building healthy habits.

Shannon Cole

No more diets!!! I am here to help women get off the depressing diet roller coaster but still get in the best shape and health of their lives. I want YOU to uncover your self love, happiness and a sustainable healthy lifestyle you love. I know it because I live it and now I help other women with the things that REALLY work.



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