5 Tips To Increase your Metabolism Over 35

5 Tips To Increase your Metabolism Over 35

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VIDEO: Discover the 5 simple tips to increase your metabolism and lose fat… with a metabolism that is slowing down due to changing metabolic hormones.





Reduce Total Sugar to Under 30 grams per day (the lower the better)


Eliminate Processed Soy Foods


Eat Garlic or Onion WITH Protein


Include Bean’s Daily (Azuki, Red Kidney, Black Beans etc.)


Have 25-30 grams Fiber Daily with a good portion at breakfast

Shannon Cole

No more diets!!! I am here to help women get off the depressing diet roller coaster but still get in the best shape and health of their lives. I want YOU to uncover your self love, happiness and a sustainable healthy lifestyle you love. I know it because I live it and now I help other women with the things that REALLY work.



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