One Reason Why You Overeat… And How To Stop It

One Reason Why You Overeat… And How To Stop It

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It’s Not Your Fault You Overeat. It’s Because…

If you keep eating the secret fat storing and overeating ingredient I am about to share with you, then you will always struggle with overeating and staying overweight because this ingredient NEVER gets used as energy and gets stored directly as fat.

Are you someone who doesn’t seem to have the ‘full’ trigger? You can finish a huge dinner and then think about sweets straight away?

While there are some sneaky techniques to stop general overeating and stopping leptin resistance (the hormone that tells you that your full), there is one very common ingredient that turns directly into fat and also never triggers our ‘full’ signal. And if you eat bread, diet foods, diet drinks, sports drinks, processed foods, packaged foods, sauces, sweets… then you will be eating this ingredient.

Have you ever eaten a huge fruit salad and diet yoghurt, felt completely boated but still hungry?

Well in both of those ‘DIET’ foods is a sugar called fructose.

While normal sugar is turned into glucose and used as energy, fructose skips this process.

So it never triggers the hormone ‘Leptin’ that tells your brain that you’re full causing you to overeat AND it’s never used as energy… it just gets directed straight to your fat cells.

You may be thinking that you don’t eat anything with fructose in it, but there’s a processed version called High Fructose Corn Syrup which is part glucose and part fructose, and it is in EVERYTHING from breads, sodas, processed foods, diet foods, fruit drinks, nutrient drinks, baked goods, sauces, yoghurts and the list goes on and on.

The problem is that eating high levels of fructose all the time can mean your mind NEVER receives the full signals, not even when you eat a meal without fructose in it… this is called Leptin resistance and it is a big contributor to obesity.

Detoxing and removing this nasty fat storing ingredient from your diet will make your body leptin sensitive so you get the ‘I’m FULL’ signal and stop eating any more calories than you need to!


2 Steps To Eliminate Fructose Without Changing Your Lifestyle

This 2 step system will eliminate fructose from your diet WITHOUT changing your lifestyle and sending your mind into pain.

You are going to find a healthier, similar replacement. Removing foods WITHOUT finding the right replacements will almost guarantee you go back to them in a week or so… meaning that weight loss and more importantly keeping the weight off, is a losing battle.


Firstly grab a piece of paper and divide it into 2 columns.

You are going to go through your fridge and pantry and throw out all the food that have HFCS or fructose in the top 7 ingredients listed (even better… throw it out if it’s listed AT ALL).

As you remove something from your pantry or fridge that you don’t think you can live without… write it in the left hand column.

Also make a list all the foods that you normally purchase when you’re out or at work for lunches, dinners or snacks that you will find difficult going without.

What you need to look for on the ingredients list are:

  • HFCS
  • HFCS with a number ie HFCS-55
    Note: the higher the number the higher the fructose to glucose combination.
  • Fructose
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup

A note on fruit:

Whole natural fruit contains so many other vital vitamins and fiber that a piece a day is far more beneficial than avoiding the small amount of natural fructose. The secret to fruit is to have it with some protein and good fats… almonds, walnuts, low fat natural (no flavour) organic yoghurt and nuts, low fat organic cheese.

The problem with the fructose we consume in processed foods is the amount in each serving.


The second step is to find healthier similar replacements so our diet isn’t changed too much that it makes us feel like we are ON a diet and therefore wanting the restricted foods more.

Whenever we take something away, we feel a loss which sets our emotions to pain. We don’t like feeling pain so we are driven to eat to make the pain go away… we just can’t win!

The trick is to replace that ‘loss’ with something similar so when we get the craving, we can react by filling the void with the replacement which gives us a much better chance of success as we don’t feel pain and deprived.

This doesn’t mean remove chocolate and replace it with carrots… that’s not going to work. It means removing chocolate and replace it with either a chocolate without HFSC or fructose OR something we see as similar.

The 3 rules here are:

  1. The replacement must have less than 5gms sugar per serve
  2. NO artificial sweeteners
  3. Keep meals under around 400 calories and snacks under 200 calories

Now I don’t have enough time to go into all of this here but if you can add these 3 rules to your replacement you will completely speed up your fat loss. Just do as many as you can without feeling deprived.

For example, I craved chocolate straight after I ate lunch as I programmed my body to expect it after years of giving it chocolate! I tried everything to not eat it, but the more I told myself no, the more I wanted it… so in the end I would eat MORE OF IT!

Finally I came up with a solution to make “us” all happy (all my personalities and body parts!!!). I gave into my body’s need but with a replacement… a no fructose, low sugar chocolate protein bar. Craving happy, me happy, waistline happy… no willpower required!

Now I must mention you are never going to be 100% satisfied but you just need to be satisfied enough that your mind doesn’t go into ‘pain’ mode.

So next time you shop just take your list and give yourself some extra time and find replacement products and write the options on the right hand column. Sometimes it will be as simple as just changing brands or you might need to be a bit creative like I was and swap chocolate for a protein bar.

This is such an important swap so the extra time it takes you to do this is 100% worth it as you will be able to increase leptin and your body’s reponse to it so you stop overeating, PLUS you stop eating something that turns directly into fat!

What I want you to do right now is go into your kitchen with a garbage bag and throw out everything in your fridge, freezer and pantry that has fructose and HFCS in the ingredients.

Now it needs to be immediately because for every 15 minutes that you leave it, your chances of actually doing it reduce by 50% so in 30 minutes time your chance of losing pounds of fat are 75% less than directly after you finish reading this.

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