About Shannon

Every Girls Guide To Health is founded, run and loved by Shannon Cole.

I am dedicated to helping women find happiness and live an incredible life… starting by overcoming their battle with being overweight.

Health is at the center of your ability to live a long, happy, fulfilling life and build the self esteem to achieve anything you want in life.

I define health as a healthy body, a healthy mind and a healthy soul.

Who Is Shannon?

I am mother and wife who has spent the majority of my 37 (nearly 38!) years worrying, struggling and riding the rollercoaster of weight battles… even when I was almost anorexic in my early 20’s to my most heaviest after having my son.

I am a naturally curious person who LOVES learning, figuring things out, knowing WHY and HOW things work… I always have a book, audio program or course on all areas of health, psychology, business, marketing, self help, goal setting (amongst a few others) on the go.

After struggling to lose the additional 20 pounds of weight I put on after having my son (in addition to the 10 pounds I also gained over the previous couple of years!)… I started a quest to end my weight issue.

With ALL of my knowledge on the body, nutrition, the most effective exercise and diet… I could not get myself to stay on any diet for more than a week or two. I was back to yo-yo dieting with my weight going up and down… and I was getting more and more depressed.

The sad thing is I shut out some of my closest friends as I didn’t want them to see me so overweight… so a few of them didn’t meet my son for YEARS!

Eventually I had an ‘Ah-ha’ moment… it’s not about the diet, it’s about my mind – my mind is the controller of what I do and don’t do so if I can work out how to ‘fix’ my mind then I could stick to any diet I set.

It sounds so simple and obvious now… but then it was a HUGE revelation in my life.

Countless books, techniques, courses, failures and successes later I have finally found the key into my mind that has changed my life.

I am by no means perfect in body or mind… I will always be learning, improving and my biggest philosophy on life is ‘always growing’.

BUT I have discovered some powerful techniques I think can help women finally overcome their weight battles in their mind and then the most effective plan for fat burning and then leading a healthy life.

I only believe in RESULTS… fast and permanent results.

If I don’t deliver the most effective techniques that really work, then no-one will read my articles or sign up for the newsletter or buy any products I offer… and then I can’t reach my life purpose:

As idealistic as this sounds… I want to change the world… one woman at a time!

For every woman that permanently loses weight and gains back self confidence and self esteem… they go into the world and positively impact the lives of others: partners, children, parents, friends, strangers, their community.

I have been holding off starting this because I was waiting for my ‘perfect body’… but I don’t need to wait for a perfect body to teach others what I’ve discovered.

I hope you love Every Girls Guide To Health as much as I do creating it and it changes your life… like it has mine.


Your Friend,



Shannon Cole



What Do You Need Today To Reveal Your Hot & Healthy Body?

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