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If you’re anything like me you also:

  • Have NO willpower or motivation!
    Do you feel like a failure because no matter how much you try, you can never stick to any diet long enough to work?
  • Find it hard to break the years of emotional eating
    Are there painful experiences in your past that have programmed you over the years to use food as comfort?
  • Find it impossible to lose that belly roll, no matter what SIZE you are
    Does shopping depress you because you have to buy clothes that hide your belly fat, instead of clothes you love?
  • Hate exercise!
    But throw yourself into a torturous exercise program every few months… that lasts ONLY a few days?

After slowly moving my skinny clothes from my cupboard, to a ‘Next Summer’ storage box… to slowly but heartbreakingly passing them on to charity…

With each move my hope sinking and my unhappiness increasing…

I had given up hope that my aging metabolism would EVER be skinny again!

YEARS of yo-yo dieting, “enjoying life” and “eating for 2” during my pregnancy had take it’s toll on my body, and no matter what I tried… nothing would work…

Or should I say… that I couldn’t STAY on anything LONG enough to work!

It wasn’t until I decided to get off the diet rollercoaster of the latest ‘fast weight loss’ diet… and start searching for the REAL reasons I couldn’t lose weight that I actually started to lose weight.

I look back at that “diet rollercoaster” period and I feel so sad that I was being controlled by a HUGE industry that was programming my body to put on weight and make it impossible for me to lose weight.

Let me share with you the BIGGEST lesson I learned:

“Diets are designed for the body… but the mind controls if you will stick to a diet”

So obvious… only AFTER you hear it!

In my journey I discovered 10 of the most common mistakes I was making that was MAKING me STAY FAT!

I ask why such an intelligent, successful woman could be so somehow ‘dumb’…

But desperation and hope, conflicting and confusing information, the brainwashing from a huge industry, diets designed by doctors, nutritionists and fitness freaks who have NEVER struggled with their weight a day in their life makes it difficult to be ‘smart’.

So I decided to change my life and take my control back.

I stopped looking for ways to ‘trick my body’ and started looking for ways to speed up my metabolism by working with my body.

I stopped wishing I had willpower and motivation… and started to look for ways I could CREATE motivation permanently.

I would love to share with you 10 lessons that I discovered on my journey that changed my life…

And they are also the most common 10 mistakes made on the diet rollercoaster.

These are the MISTAKES that MAKE you STAY fat.

If you would like to know:

  • How to easily lose 1 inch in 4 days… NATURALLY, safely and without counting calories
  • Why a torturous exercise bootcamp will not help you lose weight permanently
  • Why you can never rely on willpower to lose weight… and the secret to permanent motivation
  • The BEST weight loss drug
  • PLUS Many more revealing secrets


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I hope to finally be a part of your transformation and success by STOPPING you from continuing these devastating MISTAKES that are keeping you fat.


Your friend…


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