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If you are someone who loves changing and inspiring the lives of women to help them find more self love, happiness and a sustainable healthy lifestyle then it would be amazing to have you as a part of the Every Girls Guide To Health writing team!



Every post is a step along someone’s journey. I believe that when someone comes to EveryGirlsGuideToHealth.com it is because the Universe has given them exactly what they needed at the moment in time. It’s the inspiration they get just when they need it, it’s the mindset shift they needed to break through a challenge, it’s a workout or recipe to help them on their journey to a vibrant healthy life.



HEALTH at Every Girls Guide To Health is a Healthy Body, a Healthy Mind and a Healthy Spirit.

Diets are everywhere… and it’s easy to create a crazy diet that people can lose weight on, but my mission is to give people the body they love and the health they deserve for a lifetime so fad diets are OUT and healthy habits are IN.



If you help people in any of these areas I would love to hear from you.

Here’s What We are Looking For:

  • 100% Original Content
  • 800 – 1500 words
  • Lots of beautiful images
  • Lots of examples
  • A ‘Make It Happen’ Action Plan so they can turn information into results
  • Workouts (high quality images are required if providing images)
  • Recipes with high quality photos styling to fit in with our other recipes

Every post we publish will teach our readers to do at least one of the following things in the Info Graphic below.

Here is our commitment to our community and how we serve these amazing community of women.

If you would like to contribute then at the bottom of the page is a form to fill in… hope to work with you changing lives!!!




You are more than just a content creator… you have your own mission and purpose and if your message fits with ours we would love to share it with our community… over and over again!

You will get an ‘About the Author’ section at the bottom of your post and links are allowed.

Your post will be emailed to our community and posted on Facebook and Twitter.

It will go into our Social Media rotation so that new people get to see it over and over again!


Please fill out the form and allow up to 5 working days for us to go through your submission and get back to you!

Thank you in advance for your interest and submission and I hope we get to make a difference together

Shannon xx



What Do You Need Today To Reveal Your Hot & Healthy Body?

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