Motivation and Willpower



Why is 98% of the population focusing on the latest “diet” when the BIGGEST problem is Sticking To The Diet?


Let me ask you a serious question:

Do you fail on diets because the diet doesn’t work OR because you don’t have the motivation to stick to the diet?

Yep, it’s the motivation… but you have probably spent years trying all of the latest diets, thinking that THEY are the answer.

NOW, don’t get me wrong, the RIGHT Fat Melting Metabolism diet is essential to your health and weight loss BUT that diet is not going to cook, eat and go to the gym for you… it doesn’t matter how good it is!

So, in this crazy world we live in where over 80% of dieters fail every year… what is the answer?

It’s removing the idea that we can magically produce Motivation & Willpower and understanding that there is a science and psychology to it… and there are simple strategies to use at different stages of your journey.

So what is Motivation?

You know that euphoric feeling that you get when you are motivated… it’s an emotion, a feeling of strength and power. But it’s hard to trigger when you don’t feel it.

Motivation is the emotion that drives you to DO SOMETHING and gives you the indestructible feeling that you WILL do it AND be successful at it.

That’s why when you are motivated it’s so easy to really feel that “I am REALLY going to lose weight this time”… and feel it in your heart, mind and soul and swear to everyone, and yourself that you are going to stick to this new diet and go to the gym.

Then what’s Willpower?

Willpower is strength.

It’s the strength to DO something or NOT do something.

Willpower is POWER within. It is being in control of your intentions AND more importantly your ACTIONS.

It’s your invisible force field that shields you from temptation and also your booster trigger that makes you do things, even when you really don’t want to.


Yet, like Motivation, it’s not something you GET because you want it.

Willpower’s strength starts with the trigger of the Pain Motivation. This is when it’s easy to say no to your favorite treats and fat storing meals and get to the gym for the first week or 2.

Then as time goes on Willpower actually becomes the strength of your Magnet Goals and Success Habits.

The Motivation Solution!

There are very specific techniques to trigger Motivation and Willpower when you need them.


Pain Motivation

At the start, the most powerful motivation is the power of moving AWAY from something really painful.

You know that point you get to, just before you start a diet that you can’t take it anymore. Well that’s it AND that’s why it’s so easy to start and stick to the first couple of weeks of a diet!


Create Magnet Goals

After a while, when you start to lose weight and feel good, it cancels out the Pain Motivation… and you start cheating!

The next level to stop this is to have a Magnet Goal. A goal so powerful and aligned to YOU that you can’t help to be drawn to it, triggering Willpower and deflecting all the temptations along your path.


Success Habits

Your diet. Your routine. Your thoughts. Your feelings. Your friendships. Your lifestyle.


So if you have a combination of bad habits with your breakfast, lunch, snacking, dinners, drinking, having a sedentary routine… you produce a fat storing body… THAT’S THE RESULT!

SO, while you have the pain motivation working for you, instead of just riding the invisible wave of power, you need to be building your 20% most powerful Success Habits that become your willpower when the Pain Motivation wears off.

You can only change a couple of habits at a time so by using the proven and powerful ‘Pareto Principle’, you change the 20% that naturally produce 80% of your results. Keep doing that, every month and your life will be unrecognizable in 12 months and beyond.


Create A “Happy Brain” Lifestyle

Did you know the foods you eat and the exercise you do (or don’t do) can either produce motivation and willpower OR force you to eat MORE bad food and NOT exercise?

You can create a “happy brain” by eating the right foods and doing the right exercise that trigger serotonin, dopamine and balance your hunger hormones AND metabolic hormones.

You also need to create a happy brain with positive intentions, positive thoughts and aligning with your life purpose and spiritual journey.

And do you know what a happy brain does?

It boosts Willpower and Motivation!

A healthy body craves more healthy and vitality. It has more energy and wants to move.

A healthy brain craves happiness and joy from positive, supportive sources.


Here are some powerful techniques so you can start triggering your own Willpower and Motivation so you can get OFF the diet rollercoaster and into a life of health, love and happiness.

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