Skinny Skills For Health Success


quote-skinnyskillspageA diet or workout plan doesn’t teach you how to cook and organize your time and life.

Getting healthy is more about learning the skills to organise your time, meals and life than knowing the latest Superfoods to eat.

Yes, it’s not an exciting topic… but these Skinny Skills will be a part of your Health Warrior Toolkit so when you go into battle you are super prepared.

It’s no secret that cooking healthy food and exercising takes extra time in the day and if you don’t know how to streamline some of those processes then it is impossible to fit into your busy schedule and you are back to your old diet and your lifestyle and as a result you body and health doesn’t change for the positive.

We all beat ourselves up about not being able to stick to a diet, but KNOWING what to eat is completely different to knowing HOW to move that eating plan, and all the new skills it involves into your already busy life.

So STOP beating yourself up and make a HUGE mindset shift.

How much easier would getting healthy be if you could:

  • Create a Lifestyle Meal Plan that fits into your lifestyle and takes into account your crazy schedule (and your families)?
  • Prepare nearly a whole weeks worth of delicious healthy meals in 3-4 hours?
  • Easily shop for healthy foods and KNOW the difference between REAL healthy and FAKE marketing healthy?
  • Have healthy “fast meals” when you’re too tired to cook?
  • Love exercising? (Yes it is a SKILL!)
  • Cook healthy meals that actually TASTE good?
  • Shop on a budget?
  • Create Success Habits as a ritual? Breaking habits and forming new ones IS A SKILL!
  • Set Magnet Goals AND more importantly STICK to them?
  • Knowing HOW to workout WITHOUT spending a fortune on a personal trainer?

Imagine having a Fat Melting Metabolism Plan, the Motivation and Willpower to stick to it AND the Skinny Skills to make it all happen!!!


Every month I have a ‘Skinny Skill Friday’ where you can learn ONE Skinny Skill to add to your Skinny toolkit. Make sure you are an Every Girls Guide To Health member (sign up for the Meal Plan to join) so you canget weekly ‘Make It Happen’ Action Plans and learn a new Skinny Skill as well along with regular Recipes, Workouts and other life changing techniques!


To get you started learn the number one Skinny Skill of Lifestyle Meal Planning. I get that it sounds boring but you just gotta take the steps if health and your best body are REALLY what you want.Click Here to take action and give it a go!

What Do You Need Today To Reveal Your Hot & Healthy Body?

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